KPS School Building

Kamran Public School (KPS) is a faith-based school imparting both general and religious education. KPS places a lot of importance on pastoral care, especially in making sure that the students are enriched with Islamic and universal values and morals. Each and every student is expected to grow up into a model citizen and an ambassador for Islam in society.
At KPS equal emphasis is placed on all subjects including participation in sports and other recreational activities. Students are encouraged to participate in developing their independent learning skills and have access to a well resourced library. All students are expected to excel in Quranic studies both in terms of correct recitation (tajweed) and understanding of the Quran and its meanings. The school has a unique spiritual development programme called the Quranic Education Curriculum (Nisab Taleem-e-Qurani).
The school is well known for its modern and well maintained campus and facilities. The school building has been designed to provide a bright, clean and pleasant learning environment for the students. In addition to spacious classrooms there is a library, computer lab and a dedicated playground.
Kamran Public School has been set up and managed by AMC Trust. AMC trust is UK registered charity (NGO) whose aims are to serve humanity in the areas of education, health and social welfare. The trust is a non-political charity and aspires to serve everyone regardless of their social, economic or sectarian background.
AMC Trust was established in 2005 by brothers Khalid and Zahid Chaudhry in honour of their father Ali Muhammad Chaudhry (AMC). The Chaudhry family have been supporting charitable activities for decades and set up their own charitable trust to continue the philanthropy started by their parents. Although AMC trust is based in the UK its work is not limited to the UK. The Trust supports charitable work in many parts of the world including Pakistan, Bangladesh, South Africa and Kenya.
Please make dua for Kamran Public School and the Chaudhry family May Allah shower His blessings upon us all.